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Justin Bieber’s Instagram Crush Cindy Kimberly Only 17? purchase instagram followers Uh-oh, is Justin Bieber interested in a girl who’s underage!? Fans have stumbled across what appears to be the singer’s Instagram crush, buying instagram followers and likes Cindy Kimberly’s, now-deleted Tumblr page, on which she revealed she’s just 17! Yikes.Better watch yourself before getting involved with this one, Justin Bieber! If this Tumblr account discovered by fans is actually Cindy Kimberly’s, it turns out she’s only 17 years old…six years younger than the Biebs’ 21!The discovered Tumblr page has since been deleted, but not before fans took screen grabs of all the info. In a Q&A section, Cindy revealed that she turned 17 on Nov. 16 and that she’s from Spain. Also, believe it or not, she’s not a model — but she totally could be, right?! She’s gorgeous, and obviously Justin thinks so, too!Interestingly, Cindy took to Instagram to announce, “I just deleted my tumblr and someone took my old URL” just this week, so the evidence is piling up that this page definitely belonged to her. In case you missed this story, Cindy’s Instagram page immediately began blowing up with followers when Justin posted a picture of her with the caption, “OMG who is this!!!” Fans were clearly interested in getting to know this mystery girl the pop star was lusting after, and the whole thing has become overwhelming for the gorgeous brunette.“I so do not know how to deal with this,” she wrote on her social media page, “but I only have Instagram (I did use to have a twitter account but I deactivated.” Both Cindy and Justin have yet to comment on whether or not they’ve gotten in touch with one another, but perhaps now that her age is out in the open, the “Sorry” singer might want to re-think getting involved. She’s just too young — and underage!

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Justin Bieber Posts Throwback Pic With Selena Gomez After She’s Seen Kissing Niall Horan

Oh my gosh! Just a day after Selena Gomez was caught kissing dreamy Directioner Niall Horan at a party on Dec. 4, aplicativo para ganhar likes no instagram Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share an old picture of a day out with his former flame. Is Justin jealous? Here’s the scoop!We can’t believe out eyes! Justin Bieber, 21, took to Instagram to share ANOTHER throwback pic getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, 23. The thing is, it comes just one day after she was caught kissing another heartthrob on Dec. 4 – One Direction’s Niall Horan! So what is Justin trying to say? Here’s what we know.The drama is heating up in the crazy love triangle between Justin, Selena, and Niall. On Dec. 4, Selena was caught making out with Niall at a birthday party, according to a report. Thing is, she and Justin seemed like they were definitely getting back together. His serenading her at a restaurant, their non-stop words of love and admiration for each other, being caught out together multiple times in Nov. – it all felt like it had to be leading up to their reunion! Now we’re confused – but things seem pretty clear to Justin, who took to Instagram to share another throwback picture getting cozy with his ex when they were still together.The pic, posted super early on Dec. 6, shows the two walking through a swarm of paps hand in hand, with Justin leading his lady safely through the rush of people. They both look beyond amazing in the pic, captioned “crazy throwback.” The thing that’s “crazy” about it is that he posted another throwback earlier the same week! On Dec. 1 Justin shared a pic of the two four-wheeling together. At the time, word had come out that Selena might be interested in hockey player Tom Wilson, and HollywoodLife.

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless, Climbs Tall Tree & Water Tower — Sexy Pics

We would like to thank Justin Bieber for uploading not one, but SEVEN new, super sexy Instagram pics! He posed shirtless in the water, buy 1000 instagram likes clothed in a tree and hanging off a water tower — you have to see these pics!Justin Bieber, 21, is one with nature in a series of new pics that he posted to Instagram on September 1! We’re not sure if the sexy pics are part of a photo shoot or if he just took them for fun, but what we do know is that he looks damn good in all of them! To hear more about Justin Bieber, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!In the first pic he posted, Justin is seen hanging off a water tower with the caption, “We all fly.” In the next pic, we see the Biebs chilling in a tree — not gonna lie, these first two pics made us nervous! He’s so high up! Our nerves quickly banished with the next pic because Justin ditched his shirt and returned to ground level. The next few pics were so artsy and inspirational — Justin must be feeling amazing about life at the moment, as he should! His new single is da bomb and everyone loves it! In case you missed it, Justin released his first single in years on August 28. The song titled, “What Do You Mean?” quickly rose to #1 on the charts and fans were instantly obsessed. JB even performed the song during the VMAs on August 30 and the crowd went wild. At the end of his performance, Justin got emotional and even cried tears of joy — he must be so happy to be back doing the thing he loves most!HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Justin’s new Insta pics? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!Another thing that might tempt Justin to stay away?

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